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Pressure Pliers

Pressure Pliers

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Snap Fastener Tool Kit for Sewing Clothing, Metal Rings, with Snap Pliers, in 10 Colors, Set of 100/200

✅Diameter approx. 9.5mm/0.37". 10 colors, each color 20 sets. This kit is enough to meet your different needs for DIY or fine garment making. This can be applied for shirts, backpacks backs, hats, baby jumpsuits, duvet covers, curtains, raincoats, pet clothes, etc. It's very sweet to make personalized baby clothes by yourself!

✅Not like other plastic snaps that break easily and the color fades after one or two years. Long exposure to sunlight will cause the plastic to warp. Our snap buttons are made of premium eco-friendly copper which is shiny, tough, durable and rust-proof. The snap pliers are made of high quality aluminum. Suitable for women, professional or novice tailors.

✅No hammer needed. No need to make a hole first. Just follow our videos and you can do whatever you want. After installing the snaps on the fabric you want. The snap will not fall off because the five sharp parts can make the snap stable, while other tools cannot do so.

✅If you are not good or using it for the first time, we suggest you practice with a suggested cloth.

✅Please keep these products away from children to avoid being swallowed by mistake.

Comment use:

Five steps of installing the claw pliers:

1: the front and rear sides.

2: preparation material.

3: Place your paws on the flat of the pliers.

4: claw outwards.

5: Place the male button on the clamp hole.

6: rear (with notch) outwards.

7: Simply put the fabric in the pliers then press it.

8: accomplish.


Clamp Button

Lock design is better, need to keep it locked/open

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