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Sun visor for car windows

Sun visor for car windows

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✅ Eliminates sun glare.
✅ Reduces ultraviolet radiation.
✅ Lower temperatures in the car.

✅ Your car interior will last longer due to aging and fading from sun exposure.


✅ Ventilation: Lets air in without the risk of bugs or wandering eyes.


✅ Prevent your children from overheating.
✅ Avoid glare, high temperatures and protect your privacy.

✅ It's so lightweight that you can easily clip it into a compact size that fits into a car storage box when not in use.
✅ Can be machine washed.
✅ Lower temperatures in the car.
The side window shade is made of a soft, stretchy mesh material that helps block the sun, making your child look taller and your car cooler.

It can be used for at least 5-10 years

It also won't harm your car's paint or interior.

This durable, lightweight fabric simply folds over the car door to give your passengers the most comfortable traveling experience...and it keeps bugs out.

Material: mesh fabric
Size: rear windows: 100 cm x 52 cm / 39 in x 20 in

Sun visor for car windows (2 pieces)

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