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Joyroom - cell phone holder for car, Long Flexible arm, Anti-shock, dashboard mount, air outlet

【Latest 4.0 shock absorber 】Joyroom dash phone holder for car 【Wider 360 ° view 】 Long Flexible 9 inch arm, universal hands-free Auto windshield vent cell phone holder for car and truck and all cell phones.

Drive safely stay with you through the New Year


1. Ergonomic quick-release design. ----- It only takes a few seconds to easily install or remove the phone. Simply click the button on the left and your phone will be released from the holder.

2. shock-absorbing silicone airbag ----- protects the phone from collisions even without a phone case. There's padded airbag silicone on the surface, which is much better than other hard silicones.

3. Adjustable feet ----- freely adjustable feet (0.78 inches) solve all the problems you might have when using the fixed foot, which is better for larger phones and thicker cases.


Easy to install and remove

Before use, please take a quick 10 seconds to review the following:
1. [Important] please make sure to use the "u" anti-shock stabilizer, and it should be closer to the clamp for maximum stability.

2. [Important] press the suction pad and U stabilizer firmly for 1min, then let it rest for 1-3 days to achieve high adhesion before use (at least 1 day).

3. Please clean the dashboard/windshield where you are going to install the car phone mount with alcohol wool or a damp cloth, and wait for it to dry. Then press the mounting base firmly to the attached surface, then press the suction pad lock while the force at the base lasts.

4. If your dashboard is deeply textured, please use the dash pad first.

5. To make sure your phone is firmly clamped, please press the root of the clamp arms after placing the phone, and squeeze the arms until it grips your phone tightly.

Installation method:

Step 1. Wipe surface

Step 2. Tear off

Step 3. Block

Step 4. Remove

Disponible Partout

Tableau de bord, pare-brise et évent

Latest shockproof 4.0


Safe and Stable ----- 2 Support Points share all the Force


4 times length = 4 times shocks = 4 times danger

Anti-shock stabilizer for safe driving

Super Wide View

No Obstruction- > the safest car mount available


Bringing you home safely

Friendly with 99% Ventilation

Improved in every detail

1. Our ----- material KING: 'ptfe'

Others ----- plastic/cheap

2. Our ----- Patented Soft Silicone Fingerprint Capsule

Other ----- hollow/dangerous

3. Yours ----- 8 speeds, folding feet, side keys, freedom


Assemble it as you wish




360° Rotation Angle

Free 360° rotation angle for portrait and landscape screens


Improved ventilation hook clip

Adjustable rotating seal and improved solid metal hook


Improved ventilation hook clip

Adjustable rotating seal and improved solid metal hook


Easy to clamp, press to clamp

Easy to clip:

* Press side button to release arm, turn phone

On; Press release bars to lock side arms.


* Compatible with cell phones 4.7-6.9

* Applicable size: 60mm ≤ phone width 87mm


How to use this car phone holder

1. This product is suitable for a temperature environment of 20-75 degrees Celsius.

2. Suitable for use in sealed (non-breathable) automotive instrument panels, such as: plastic panels, EVA surfaces; Cannot be used on leather, textile flannel surfaces;

3. The suction position of the suction pad is flat (not curved or medusaded), and the surface texture must not be too rough (groove width is less than 0.5mm thick);

4. The suction pad must be kept clean. Once the surface is dirty, it can be washed with water, dried and then used;

5. The suction plate's pressure valve remains open when packed and not in use, ensuring the product's long life.

6. Remove the suction cup using the pull tab.

* Suction cup valve

* A strong crack causes the suction cup to accelerate and deform.

* Suction cup in deformed state after strong opening

* Suction cup in normal state after using pull-tab

Recommends the use of the surface:

1. EVA surface

2. Plastic panels

Not recommended:

1.textile, flannel surfaces

2. Leather surfaces

Surface not recommended:

Not suitable for uneven surfaces

Not suitable for rough, unsealed surfaces

Surface is too dirty and PU suction disappears

Maximum suction recovery after

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